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Sunshine Sea Glass Hunt, South Queensferry, West Lothian

Wednesday 7th October 2020

It was a beautiful sunny day today and far too nice to be sitting indoors so a little trip over The Queensferry Crossing to South Queensferry was called for.

Parking was challenging as ever, especially for a weekday in Autumn but I managed to squeeze into a space eventually. I've had my new car a year now and I'm still struggling to park it straight!

There is a small beach in South Queensferry that is littered with tiny bits of well rounded glass of all different colours. I'm imagining the area has seen many seafaring visitors over the last couple of centuries or so, including Robert Louis Stevenson who is said to have been staying at the Hawes Inn when he came up with the idea of his novel 'Kidnapped'. Maybe these visitors stopped for refreshments in one of the inns and chucked the bottles into the sea? Who knows, but the tiny little bits of glass are abundant. If you are very lucky you may find a piece of lavender glass which i've only ever found on this beach.

With my beach bag feeling heavy and my back getting sore from all the bending down (a familiar feeling to Beachcombers), it was time to stop for a takeaway latte from The Little Bakery which was very busy. It's nice to see people still out and about in these strange times. Tables spaced out obviously, precautions in place and staff wearing masks. Resisted a cake due to me accidentally eating two yesterday.

Back home to clean my glass and see what i've got. I'm planning to use these little pieces either in jars for display or I might do a couple of mosaics. Can you spot the extra special piece in my video?

The special piece that glows under the UV Black Light is known as Uranium Glass. Uranium was added to the glass before melting for colouration. It's normally not until you get home and check with the light that you realise you have a piece because it can look just like any other piece but may have a very slight yellow/green tinge. And in case you are wondering, yes it probably is a teeny tiny weeny bit radioactive but totally harmless. Just don't eat it.

Just need to sort them out into their colour groups now and have a think what I am going to create with them. Or i might just admire my little gems for a while longer!

Happy Beachcombing, Ingrid

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